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Press release. The fast-paced nature of the blockchain industry means that new crypto projects face the problems of a highly competitive market. This makes marketing a major aspect for projects to have a chance to gain traction within the crypto community.

However, existing marketing services are highly centralized, expensive, and skewed towards large projects with substantial marketing budgets. Smart Marketing Token is seeking to resolve these problems with its innovative platform.

What is Smart Marketing Token

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is the first tokenized marketing agency that wants to decentralize the entire blockchain marketing process. Furthermore, it intends to support new projects that enter the cryptocurrency world with a professional and flexible marketing approach.

Smart Marketing Token achieves this with its utility token SMT that decentralized marketing and advertising services. SMT serves as a bridge between the agency’s services and clients, leading to an effective marketing strategy. Projects will need to buy SMT directly from supported exchange and transfer it to Smart Marketing Agency to access marketing services.

As the client base of Smart Marketing Agency grows, the demand for SMT will also increase directly, spiking the token’s value. Holders can also speculate on the token and also benefit from various utilities and buyback programs.

Smart Marketing Token has already collaborated with the fast-rising blockchain platform Student Coin. Student Coin (STC) is an academic-focused blockchain platform that raised $21 million in its ICO on April 22, 2021, and ranked within the top 500 crypto on the coin rankings. Smart Marketing Token will serve as the marketing tool for promoting tokens created within the STC terminal.

Smart Marketing Token Features

Smart Marketing Token has several features designed to ensure that it runs a sustainable and optimal marketing ecosystem for users. Some of the features include.

Fixed fee promotion: SMT provides a flexible marketing structure for projects that perform ICO, IDO, and IEO. There are no initial fees, and projects are billed based on a fixed fee commission from generated net profit from events (IDO, ICO, IEO). SMT also provides marketing promotion for all ICO launchpads listed on the Student Coin Terminal at a service charge of 3% of the total net profit raised from the ICO within the STC ecosystem.

Governance and Voting: SMT token serves as a governance token, and holders will be able to vote on new proposals every quarter. Some of the proposals include decisions on new projects that the marketing agency should promote. SMT holders with significant holdings will have considerable influence during the voting process. The governance feature indirectly impacts the value of SMT by ensuring that only quality projects that will succeed are chosen for promotion.

Staking: Smart Marketing Token intends to introduce a staking and buyback program. SMT holders will be able to stake their tokens for a fixed percentage reward yearly. SMT token buyback will be done using part of funds raised from B2B clients and redistributed to SMT token stakers.

Educational service: SMT is a platform that seeks to spread marketing information from experts and will build an educational marketing platform. The educational platform will be available to only SMT holders who can access content on tips and tricks from marketing experts.

Automated Marketing service: Smart Marketing Token will build a platform that will allow projects to purchase marketing services automatically. Once a marketing service is purchased, SMT freelancers available 24/7 will perform tasks and provide a fast turnaround time for clients.

Backed by top stakeholders in the blockchain industry

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is backed by top blockchain stakeholders and is led by Daniel Bihun. Bihun is a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience establishing brands and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Student Coin (STC). Smart Marketing Token core team consists of members with backgrounds in content marketing and graphic design.

The marketing blockchain platform also has an advisory board that consists of Wojciech Podobas, CEO and founder of Student Coin. Other members also include Gabriela Mrozek, Marketing Manager at Microsoft, and Ph.D. Dagmara Plata-Alf, president of the Marketing and Digital Transformation Council

Smart Token Marketing partners include Student Coin and CoinZila, with the platform set to collaborate with more companies in the coming months.

Smart Marketing Token (SMT)

Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is an ERC-20 token that is designed to provide value to holders. It serves as the utility token and will be used to pay for marketing services within the Smart Marketing Token ecosystem.

SMT has a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens that will be issued. The token distribution is as follows.

  • ICO sale – 55%
  • Airdrop – 5%
  • Marketing – 15%
  • Development – 10%
  • Team and advisory board – 15%

Smart Marketing Token ICO

Smart Marketing Token will launch SMT via an ICO (Initial coin offering) starting from August 2, 2021, for community members and the public to purchase SMT tokens. The ICO will run until October 31, 2021, and will be divided into 100 phases. Each phase has a target cap of $20,000, with subsequent phases attracting a 1% rise in SMT value.

ICO participants can buy SMT using their Credit Cards, Coinbase, or MetaMask Wallet on the Smart Marketing Token website.