Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad Wants to Hire a Cryptocurrency Expert

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Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, is reportedly looking to hire a cryptocurrency expert, according to local media outlet Ynet.

Notably, the publication has reported that the Mossad wants to hire experts in financial tech in order to use cryptocurrencies to make anonymous payments to its agents, protecting this way their identity.

According Ynet, this is the very first time that the agency is looking for an employee specialized in cryptocurrencies.

According to the job post, the agency is reportedly looking for a tech leader in the field of fintech and digital currencies. Among other tasks, the position involves leading, initiating, planning and accompanying systems development activities.

One of the requirements that the successful candidate must meet is to have at least 3 years of experience in the world of fintech.

While Bitcoin itself is not 100% anonymous per se, there are other cryptocurrencies like Monero that do offer a high degree of privacy, so the Mossad might be interested in similar assets.

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