Canadian Entrepreneur and Investor Kevin O’Leary Believes ETH Will Become Ultrasonic Money

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Kevin O’Leary, a well-known Canadian entrepreneur, TV presenter and investor, has said that he believes Ethereum will become ultrasonic money in the near future.

The statements come just a few days after the London hardfork took place on the Ethereum network. Among other feature, the fork includes a new fees burning system.

O’Leary took to Cameo, a platform that allows users to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities – to participate in the Ethereum upgrade. In the video, O’Leary says:

“Currently the fees that users pay to send transactions go to the miner, but after this improvement, the fees will be burned.”

He added:

“If Bitcoin is sound money because of the $21 million supply ceiling [Ethereum] is ultrasound money because there is no supply floor.”

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