Solana based SolRazr, a Venture Platform Offering a Decentralized Developer Ecosystem, to Deploy Launchpad

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Singapore, Singapore, September 15, 2021: SolRazr, a Solana-powered venture platform that recently introduced a decentralized developer ecosystem for the Solana blockchain, has announced that its Launchpad will be going live on October 4, 2021. SolRazr’s IDO is also being launched via their platform.

SolRazr’s native crypto token SOLR will be offered with the goal to secure $250,000 in capital. The amount of SOLR tokens offered during the sale and the offering price will be announced a few days before the IDO. Half or 50% of the IDO tokens may be unlocked immediately and the remaining 50% will be distributed over a 5-month timeframe (10% every month).

SolRazr has been developed to act as the “de-facto” fundraising and developer platform for projects developing software solutions on Solana. SolRazr will be focused on accelerating the development of the nascent decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem by providing a high-performance network.

Solana will be powering transactions on SolRazr in order to help projects with acquiring capital in an efficient manner and also to assist investors with making contributions at affordable negligible transaction costs, explained Sreekanth Kalapur, Co-founder at SolRazr:

“SOLR will act as a utility token and is central to the functionality of our Launchpad. Future allocations to the upcoming IDOs on our platform require SOLR tokens to be staked.”

“CryptoDiffer is proud to be the media partner of Solrazr. We plan to cooperate closely with Solrazr team to bring awareness to crypto communities about new rising stars of Solana ecosystem coming straight from Solrazr launchpad!” – Maksym Kyryliuk, co-founder at CryptoDiffer

“ZBS Capital is proud to support Solrazr, an innovative project offering Launchpad, Accelerator, and Developer Tools on Solana. ZBS Capital shares the vision of Solrazr and we will put our resources to help to find early stage projects aiming to build on Solana and connect them with Solrazr team for future cooperation!” – Vladyslav Skakun managing partner at ZBS Capital

A Highly-Secure, Performant, and Bot-Proof Platform

Kalapur has also noted that the platform is optimized for speed and it’s inexpensive to use. He added that it’s highly secure and bot-proof, providing “fair” and decentralized allocations for the SolRazr community. He clarified that SolRazr is not merely a launchpad and that they’re creating a platform with developer tools so that anyone can deploy applications on Solana.

SolRazr will have a unique allocation model for retail clients, by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Solana. It’s worth noting that Solana has emerged as a widely adopted blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. It’s a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain with a pBFT-derived consensus mechanism and 200 nodes operating globally.

Solana can handle 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) because of its coordinated optimizations. Transactions are handled in parallel by GPU hardware natively, with Solana being the “only multi-threaded blockchain” in the crypto space.

Solana Rising in Popularity Among Institutional Clients

Blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT) platforms and cryptocurrencies are beginning to truly go mainstream with the growing interest from institutional investors, according to SolRazr Co-Founder Vijay Kalangi. Notably, European digital asset manager CoinShares’ recent digital asset fund flows report reveals that Solana has become a favorite among major institutional players.

But we’re still in the very early stages and “not even at 1% of global tech adoption in digital assets and projects,” Kalangi acknowledged. He also noted that watching SolRazr transform into the platform they’ve got today has been truly remarkable. According to Kalangio, we’ve only begun to “scratch the surface” of what the comprehensive SolRazr ecosystem is capable of in the long term.

SolRazr recently secured $1.5 million in capital  through an investment round from Moonrock Capital, Ascensive Assets, and Morningstar Ventures.Prominent funds also took part in the round, including Genesis Block Ventures, Divergence, Genblock Capital, CMS Holdings, PANONY, and Skynet Trading. Angel investors such as Sam Kazemian from Frax Finance, Leo Cheng from CREAM, Santiago R Santos, and Chris McCann contributed to the round as well.

Jonathan Habicht, the firm’s Managing Partner, said that Moonrock Capital is pleased to be a part of the SolRazr journey. Habicht added that SolRazr and its main components have been developed to address  “adoption-critical” requirements of the Solana blockchain ecosystem. It is a platform that has been implemented by experienced blockchain professionals.

SolRazr offers advanced builders with a suitable platform for securing capital and innovating on Solana. It also makes it easier for investors to participate in the ecosystem, stated Oliver Blakely, Manager Partner at Ascensive Assets.

  • Sreekanth Kalapur