Polkadex to Launch its Mainnet on September 29

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Polkadex, a trading engine for Web3 and DeFi, has just announced it is launching its mainnet on September 29.

The project, which consists of several innovative solutions built on top of the Polkadex blockchain, is about to roll out is mainnet, which is basically the main chain upon which Polkadex’s rest of the components will be released intermittently. 

The project has reported that once the mainnet is live, it will start the migration of existing ERC-20-based PDEX tokens from Ethereum to the newly-launched Polkadex blockchain.

One all the tokens are successfully migrated, the Polkadex plans to move other relevant components to its mainnet, including PolkaIDO, Polkadex Orderbook and Polkapool.

After the migration protocol is installed on the mainnet, its users will be able to transfer PDEX from ETH to run validator nodes to ensure the network’s security, and earn PDEX tokens in return.

Polkadex CEO Gautham J has said:

“This mainnet release is a big milestone for Polkadex. It marks the beginning of the whole series of events unfolding in the next few months. Polkadex network will act as the main decentralized layer hosting all our dApps including PolkaIDO, Polkapool and Polkadex Orderbook.”

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