Panther Protocol Cooperates with NEAR Protocol to Create Privacy Preserving Technology in the NEAR Ecosystem

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Panther Protocol, an end-to-end privacy protocol which provides DeFi users with fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets, has joined forces with blockchain NEAR Protocol to develop a privacy preserving technology in the NEAR ecosystem.

Panther’s aim is to allow DeFi and Web3 users enjoy a decentralized world without surveillance. To this end, the project is committed to develop privacy-focused solutions available in dApps and protocols by default. Now, the protocol has jointed forces with scalable blockchain NEAR Protocol to develop open source privacy infrastructure including the deployment of Panther’s privacy solutions on NEAR’s EVM, Aurora.

Due to the fact that the Ethereum blockchain is becoming too expensive, developers are looking for other networks to launch their solutions, being Aurora one of them thanks to its special features, including 1,000x lower gas fees than in Ethereum, 50x higher TPS and 2 seconds finality.

Panther wants to speed up the development of privacy-first DeFi and Web3 applications by building its infrastructure natively into EVM compatible peerchains.

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