MojitoSwap is Rolled Out on KuCoin Community Chain

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MojitoSwap, a DEX developed by a group of KCS community members that aims to offer easy access to the KCC DeFi ecosystem, has been officially launched.

Now that the solution is already live, users can start trading on MojitoSwap starting today. As a result, all users are now able to enjoy easy access to the KCC decentralized finance ecosystem.

According to the press release shared by the project, the launch of the DEX comes together with an airdrop of 1 million MJT tokens, the native token of the project with a total supply of 100,000,000, in order to incentivize early adopters. The holders of MJT tokens can, among other things, take part in liquidity mining and lending for profits. In addition, they also have the right to the future governance of Mojito DAO.  

MojitoSwap has reported that there are two rounds of airdrops in total:

  • The first one was launched on October 9. Users who have carried out a minimum number of transactions on KCC prior to the block height of 2,080,000 will be eligible to take part in the airdrop, which will last for six months. 
  • The second round will initiate from October 19. The holders of KCS tokens who reach a certain number of tokens in their KCC wallet between 00:00:00 on October 19 to 00:00:00 on October 21 (UTC) are eligible to join.

Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is growing everyday, multiple DeFi solutions have been launched in an attempt to meet the increasing demand of developers and investors.

Some leading decentralized exchanges are gaining a lot of popularity among users as a result of the boom of the crypto market. Just to mention one, PancakeSwap, a DEX protocol built on BSC, has surpassed UniSwap as the top decentralized exchange, while MojitoSwap is working hard to become the next generation of DEX based on the KCC ecosystem.

It is worth mentioning the project plans to launch multiple functions MojitoSwap in the coming months, including Bar (Farm), Wine Pools, Cocktail Tickets and NFTs.

Important note: This is not backed by KuCoin.

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