Barbados to Open an Embassy in the Decentraland Metaverse

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Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business has signed an agreement with Decentraland to create a digital embassy in one of the largest virtual worlds, the project has reported.

Notably, the country’s government is also closing similar deals with Somnium Space, SuperWorld and other metaverse platforms.

Several projects will help in the search and acquisition of land, the creation of virtual embassies and consulates, facilities for the provision of services such as electronic visas and the construction of a “teleport” that will allow users to move their avatars between different worlds.

According to Barbados’ ambassador to the UAE, Gabriel Abed, the country plans to expand activities beyond plans to create structures and purchase land in various virtual worlds. He has said:

“The idea is not to pick a winner – the metaverse is still very young and new, and we want to make sure what we build is transferable across the metaworlds.”

The Barbados government has said opening an embassy in the metaverse is a unique diplomatic opportunity.

With the establishment of a diplomatic mission in the virtual world, Barbados will become the first country in the world to recognize a digital sovereign land. This is supposed to happen in January.

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