Blockamedia Announces Collaboration With University of Rijeka for Platform Upgrade

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ZAGREB, CROATIA, November 24, 2021: Blockademia, the Croatian startup that certifies documents with blockchain technology, is going to collaborate with the University of Rijeka to improve its platform.

Thanks to the collaboration, which is going to start immediately, students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rijeka are going to participate in a hackathon to test Blockademia’s platform in order to find eventual weak points and improve them.

The Croatian Cardano-backed blockchain platform has been developed to guarantee the authenticity of documents and valuable files, with particular attention to educational certificates.

Users can issue original documents and authenticate them by entering the requested data. The platform will then generate a unique hash that is going to enter the Cardano blockchain, including all the information necessary to trace the issued document.

The verified file is going to be accessible through a QR code, released to the issuer after the insertion into the blockchain. This system guarantees that files are secure, immutable and cannot be forged.

During the next 12 months, engineering students in the University of Rijeka are going to engage in a hackathon that aims to find all leaks and weaknesses in the Blockademia platform, in order to test Blockademia’s reliability and to strengthen it against all possible bugs and faults.

For Blockademia this represents an opportunity to be challenged and tested, to show the innovation and safety of its decentralized proof system — and to possibly improve its application.

Also, the University of Rijeka is taking the opportunity of expressing its strong policy against document falsification, given that universities are the most widespread target of certificate forgery.

“This cooperation is unique because what we want is for the students, over the following 12 months, to hack the Blockademia application in order to find weaknesses, faults and possible threats,” remarked Goran Težak, President of Blockademia. “Although blockchain technology ensures document authenticity, thanks to uncompromising testing we will be able to guarantee a high degree of reliability to future users. I would like to thank the Faculty of Engineering for becoming our partner and technical associate on Blockademia’s path of building a new level of authenticity.”

“We are glad to have the opportunity to work on new technologies and be part of a team that, with its solution, contributes to a better future and transparency,” added Kristijan Lenac, Prof. Dr. Sc. at the University of Rijeka.

About Blockademia 

Blockademia is a Croatian startup that aims to digitize and secure important documents worldwide, ensuring no document fraud is possible thanks to the flexibility and power of Cardano’s blockchain technology. The 20+ strong team brings strong experience from IT and blockchain backgrounds, while experts in economics, legal and marketing complete the startup.



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