Panther Protocol Attracts $22M to Build Interoperable Privacy Layer for DeFi and Web3

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End-to-end privacy solution that creates privacy for DeFi and Web3 users across public blockchains Panther Protocol has just announced that it has completed a funding round in which it has raised over $22 million through a Public Sale. As a result of this, the total amount raised by the company reaches $32 million

Panther Protocol CEO and co-founder Oliver Gale said:

“This raise as part of our public sale demonstrates a huge demand for an interoperable, compliance compatible privacy protocol. We are grateful for this overwhelming interest in our project and are confident that this signals the importance of Panther’s mission – enhancing freedom and privacy for DeFi and Web3.”

Thanks to the public sale, users can participate and engage with the protocol.

Panther emerges as a great solution to all DeFi users interested in benefitting from personal financial data protection and confidential crypto transactions.

We should take into account that Panther is building on Ethereum, Polygon, Flare, Songbird, NEAR and Elrond at the moment. Apart from developing a set of APIs, SDKs and custom integrations, Panther will enable builders to provide privacy features within their apps without the need of a highly specialized team of cryptographers and privacy tech engineers to do so.

Panther Protocol co-founder Anish Mohammed has commented:

“As with duality of light, privacy has a dual nature, we are in the history of privacy where we are just reconciling, privacy’s dual nature. Panther protocol has managed to allow both privacy and authenticity, by combining zero knowledge proof systems and selective disclosures.” 

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