Hillary Clinton Warns Against Possible Manipulation of Crypto Market By Russia and China

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Joe Biden’s administration needs to strengthen the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the face of manipulation by individual states and non-governmental players, which will destabilize the dollar. Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has stated this in an interview with US channel MSNBC.

She has explained:

“We monitor the actions of not only Russia or China, but also non-state structures. The latter, either on their own or together with the authorities, undermine the dollar’s status as a reserve currency. There are many big questions to be answered.”

Hillary Clinton has pointed to a combination of “social media, algorithms to manage their sentiments and large sums of money that control certain cryptocurrencies.”

The interview could be considered a continuation of Clinton’s previous speech, during which she called cryptos a threat to the dollar and the stability of individual countries.

The Fed, FDIC and OCC as part of the US Treasury are working on a crypto crypto that is expected to be released in 2022.

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