Facebook Makes it Easier to Publish Crypto-related Ads on its Platform

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Meta (formerly Facebook) has just announced a change in its digital product display policy towards transparency and greater business sensitivity. This will allow advertisers to expand their audience and attract more potential customers.

Facebook has attributed this move to the emergence of clearer rules for regulating the crypto industry. Meta has expanded the number of permitted licenses from 3 to 27. A list of them can be found in the corresponding section of the platform’s site.

In the future, instead of meeting the current set of different criteria, advertisers will need to have only one of these licenses. Their number may increase with further improvement of the regulatory framework.

At the end of October, Facebook changed its name to Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg called the metaverse “the next stage in the evolution of social connections.” The project will support NFTs by facilitating the sale of these assets and allowing them to be displayed in three-dimensional spaces.

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