Hackers Steal $30M from DeFi Platform Grim Finance

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The team of decentralized finance platform (DeFi) Grim Finance has reported it has lost $30 million as a result of a hack.

The attackers have reportedly gained access to the Grim Finance project’s wallet using a malicious token in the contract via a re-entry exploit.

Apparently, all the project’s wallets have been compromised and assets are currently at risk.

After identifying the attack, the developers of Grim Finance have suspended accepting deposits and have asked users to remove their funds from the platform immediately.

The Grim Finance team has also contacted Circle, DAI and AnySwap and provided the attacker’s address in order for these platforms to block further illegal fund transfers.

We should remember that hackers attacked 148 wallets of users of the NFTs marketplace Vulcan Forged last week and stole $100 million in tokens.

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