Hackers Steal $1.3 Million From Users of NFT Project Monkey Kingdom

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A group of hackers have hacked into the Discord account of the administrator of the NFT project Monkey Kingdom and posted a phishing link in the group chat before the start of sales. Users have lost 7,056 SOL tokens worth about $1.3 million.

Monkey Kingdom representatives have said the hack was due to the security flaws of Grape, a solution for identifying users on Solana, which is used by a lot of NFT projects.

They have also promised to compensate users for the stolen funds.

The project, which was launched on November 27, contains 2,222 NFTs in the form of pixelated monkeys in various outfits.

NFT platform Fractal has previously faced a similar hack. The cybercriminals also posted a phishing link on the project’s Discord account.

Users lost about 800 SOL (almost $150,000). The project has promised to refund the stolen funds.

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