UK Court Upholds Plaintiffs Against Craig Wright

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The Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has won the first hearing against self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright. In particular, the court has rejected the defendant’s petition to exclude certain documents from the case materials and has allowed the plaintiff to amend the application.

In April 2021, the COPA filed a lawsuit against Wright in the High Court of London due to the fact that Wright claimed to be the author of the white paper of Bitcoin.

In September, the COAP asked the court to amend the lawsuit by adding allegations of document forgery. We are talking about the evidence that Wright provided in favor of his authorship.

At the end of the first hearing, Judge Paul Matthews noted the plaintiff “subject to certain adversarial rules” really has the right to interpret the actions of the defendant in this way.

In particular, this concerns the email that Wright allegedly sent to his ex-partner Dave Kleiman. According to the defendant, the document confirms he is the author of the Bitcoin concept. However, in the documents of the case that were previously considered by the US court, it is argued that the domain used by the sender of the email (@ was created only on January 23, 2009, although the message itself is dated 2008.

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