ATOM Price Approaches All-time High

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The price of the altcoin ATOM, the native token of the Cosmos project, has surpassed the $44 mark. During the past day, the coin has increased by 20.4%, following an oposite trend to the rest of the cryptocurrency market, which is having a quite bad day.

The price of ATOM is really close to its all-time high. At the moment, the price has corrected to the $43.2 area.

Over the past day, the price of Osmosis’s native DeFi platform (OSMO) token has risen by 16%. The volume of liquidity in the ecosystem earlier reached $1 billion. This was probably facilitated by the integration of Osmosis with the cross-chain bridge Terra Bridge as well as the high profitability rates of the pools.

At the moment, Osmosis ranks 12th by TVL in the DeFi Llama Rankings.

The Secret project token (SCRT) has risen by 16.6% (to $6.7), the Akash Network (AKT) platform by 18.6%. Starname (IOV) and Sentinel (DVPN) have also increased by 38.4% and 29.5%, respectively.

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