Kawaii Islands 2022: Bouncing into the Anime Metaverse

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Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 18th January, 2022,

Kawaii Islands aims to be the first Anime Metaverse in the space for anime games, arts, and creative fans – starting with the first game “Kawaii Islands”, introduced on September 30, 2021. The year 2022 will mark a major leap of Kawaii Islands into Kawaiiverse – with a full set of blockchain infrastructure for game publishers, NFT creators, and many social features on a virtual community space. Many exciting games will come into Kawaiiverse to perform its “play, create, connect, and earn” vision.

Kawaiiverse’s long term vision  

Kawaii Islands – “play, create, connect, and earn”

Kawaii Islands brings a whole set of gaming experiences to players with farming, decorating and styling for thousands of high quality gaming resources. Along with the current game loop, Kawaii Islands as well as the Kawaiiverse will introduce other gameplay to the ecosystem such as fishing game (Alpha test this year), Adventure game (fight with your Creatures) or Kawaii Islands real time minigames. Built for the community and work for the community, Kawaii Islands vision is not just about play to earn, create to earn and connecting people are also important drives of Kawaii Islands as a game and Kawaiiverse as the ecosystem.

Infrastructure for game publishers and content creators

And the ecosystem will not stop with our in-house games, creators will later get infrastructure support to join and create games/NFTs in Kawaii Islands Metaverse, bringing more unique content to our system. Kawaii Islands aims to build an all-inclusive system where every talented creator can join and create to earn. Kawaii Islands will grow as a nurturing hub for creators and anime studios in the blockchain space, empowering quality products with original creations.

In 2022, Kawaii Islands will initiate the building of Kawaiiverse foundational infrastructure for creators. Our long term target is to develop and provide creators, publishers, studios with a full set of tools for content and apps development in blockchain, allowing everyone to to start their on-chain business in Kawaiiverse. The developed infrastructure will enable artists and developers to incorporate their products to Kawaiiverse, serve the community and earn.

A strong community of players and enthusiasts

One of Kawaii Islands’ core values is building an engaging community for players and anime fans around the world. Proud to be one of the rare blockchain games that focus on creating actual game play with high quality graphics and immersive activities, Kawaii Islands aims to create a healthy and active environment for everyone to play and connect. Despite being a young community, many connections and great friendships formed from Kawaii Islands, especially, we could name a VC that was formed by Kawaii Islands players who met through the game and started the VC to invest in blockchain technology, K-Venture. Great community and life long friendship can form and grow together with the Kawaii Islands ecosystem. 

Extensive growth of the Kawaiiverse in 2022

In Q1 2022, mobile versions as Android and iOS apps will be introduced for the core game “Kawaii Islands” – together with other game feature updates. Major introductions related to Kawaiiverse including Kawaiiverse map and islands sale, infrastructure overview, and new games concept will be released.

In Q2 2022, “infrastructure as a service” will be implemented and ready for adoption of new games and minigames on Kawaiiverse. The infrastructure for publishing new games to Kawaiiverse will support (1) on-chain processes on both BSC and Oraichain network like NFT creation, marketplace, transaction history, (2) common DeFi mechanisms like staking/bonding or bridging, (3) communication protocols between games for social activity exchange, and (4) general interfaces for analytics like dashboard.

In Q3 2022, “protocols for creators” will be ready. Creators and anime artists around the world can use these protocols to create anime fashion, characters, content and share with the Kawaiiverse community to earn their privilege, appreciation and cryptocurrencies.

In Q4 2022, some AI-based personalization features will be introduced and with the readiness of the infrastructure and protocols, Kawaiiverse will be available for enterprises to join our business.

With all actions set out for the year 2022, Kawaiiverse will promisingly deliver more engaging gaming and creating experiences for players and creators. The development plan is expected to activate and define the first ever, create-to-earn Anime Metaverse for blockchain. With endless creativity from creators and Anime fans around the world, the Kawaiiverse will build a never ending metaverse on the clouds for all.

2022 Roadmap – A Leap into the Metaverse

Q1/2022 – Upgrade core game & Expand to Anime Metaverse

– Mobile versions; 

– Tailor feature & Daily shop;

– Kawaii Minigames concept; 

– DAO Governance; 

– Kawaiiverse initiation; 

– Kawaiiverse islands sale

Q2/2022 – Infrastructure for Anime metaverse & new games within

– Kawaii Islands Minigames; 

– Social features between games;

– Initial metaverse infrastructure.  

Q3/2022 – Protocols for Creators 

– Create and earn prototype for creators; 

– Adventure game Alpha test; 

– Protocols for creators.

Q4/2022 – Open Business for all 

– Self-Open businesses: coffee/ restaurant; 

– AI-powered Metaverse services.


About Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands is a collaboration between Imba Games Studio, a leading game development studio with over 14 million customers from more than 6 years of game development experience and a new strategic partner Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered data oracle and ecosystem for blockchains. Kawaii Islands is a NFT play-to-earn game that creates a fantasy universe on the cloud for multi players to experience a whole set of simulation gaming including designing, building, crafting, farming and social networking. With exclusive NFTs Marketplace on aiRight and NFTs Rental Marketplace on TRAVA, Kawaii Islands aims to create a space where players can earn profits while playing games and is developing the foundation for an Anime Metaverse, where magic mixes reality and everyone can play, create, connect and earn.

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