Drops DAO Announces it is Releasing its Mainnet

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Drops, a DAO that provides loans for NFT and DeFi assets, supplying them with much-needed utility, has just announced the launch of its mainnet.

Thanks to the launch of the mainnet, users and community members will be able to interact with everything the Drops DAO ecosystem provides. 

With Drops DAO, users can leverage their assets as collateral through its lending tools and acquire instant loans.

One of the main advantages of Drops DAO is its highly scalable system and its up to 60% collateral ratio due to isolated lending pools, which can accept whitelisted NFT collections as collateral.

In addition, a higher collateral ratio is possible due to lower protocol risk and scalability. Thanks to this, any collection can be added to Drops without incurring in extra lender risk. Any NFT collection can gain broader utility and liquidity through these lending pools.

Drops founder Darius Kozlovskis has commented:

“Back in early 2021 when we started working on Drops, the idea of instant loans against NFTs seemed unrealistic. But after major shifts in the market and tireless year of research and developement, we finally arrived at what can become a new financial primitive for NFTs. We’re at the dawn of metaverse finance and are truly excited to be part of it.”

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