Shopify Adds Support for Tezos NFTs

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Taco Labs Inc, a software development company that helps brands deepen their connection with customers through gamification and ownership, has just announced that its app ‘Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation’ has integrated the Tezos blockchain and is now compatible with Tezos NFTs on Shopify. 

Taco allows rewarding customer loyalty through NFTs that unlock exclusive products, discounts and experiences.

Edward Adlard, Commercial Director at Trillitech, has said:

“The Taco app’s recent integration of Tezos gives Shopify stores around the world a new way to engage with customers and plug into the rapidly growing Tezos NFT ecosystem. More and more brands are choosing to deploy their NFTs on Tezos due to its low gas fees and energy efficiency, creating a rich environment for innovation.”

Tezos has previously been the choice of many projects because of its energy-efficient design and low costs, which allows to mint and transact NFTs at very low costs.

James McCombe, Director at Future Kimonos, has commented on the launch:

“We loved how easy it was to airdrop Tezos NFTs at the flograppling ADCC world championship; with Taco’s shopify integration, we were able to instantly add utility and reward members with exclusive giveaways and prizes. We did this all in record time without having to write any code.”

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