Attacker Who Hacked Allbridge Returns Most of $573K He Stole

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An attack on Allbridge resulted in the theft of approximately $573,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

However, the attacker appears to have accepted the project’s offer of a “white hat bounty,” and has returned a significant portion of the stolen funds.

Allbridge announced on April 3 that it had received a message from the attacker and that 1,500 BNB, worth roughly $465,000, had been returned.

The remaining funds will be considered a white hat bounty for the attacker. Allbridge converted the received BNB to the stablecoin Binance USD to use as compensation.

The attack was first identified by blockchain security firm Peckshield on April 1, which warned Allbridge in a tweet that an individual was manipulating the BNB Chain pools swap price. After the exploit, Allbridge offered the attacker a bounty and immunity from legal action.

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