zkSync Devs Create New Proof Mechanism

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Matter Labs has just unveiled its new STARK-based proof system, Boojum, for their Layer 2 Ethereum solution, zkSync Era.

This upgrade from the zkSync’s previously employed SNARK model will enable transactions to be confirmed faster and is said to increase throughput by multiple times.

The development’s reduced hardware requirements allows for the possibility of greater horizontal scalability, as access to cheaper machines is now feasible.

Data is arithmetized and constrained via a Rust library, simplifying auditing and maintenance processes.

Alpha testing has kicked off, and despite only shadow evidence being able to be created and verified so far, its mainnet integration is complete.

1inch Network, Aave and Rocket Pool have all expressed their dedication to supporting the L2 solution.

June saw zkSync Era launch the ZK Stack, a modular set of tools specifically designed for building Hyperchain networks.

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