Uniswap Labs Launches its Liquidity Aggregator UniswapX

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Uniswap Labs has recently launched UniswapX, its open-source liquidity aggregation protocol in beta mode on Ethereum.

The service is expected to expand to other networks and even have its own wallet “in the near future.”

With the “fillers” coming into the picture, UniswapX is designed to provide swappers with a more competitive network of third-party providers for the execution of transactions by relying on on-chain liquidity from AMM pools or their own asset reserves.

It also eliminates the need to pay gas fees, as “fillers” include them in the total swap price.

Furthermore, the protocol provides protection aganst MEV attacks and is enforced by an incentives system to use private transaction relays.

There is also a “switch” of fees for those using the protocol, which will be activated upon approval by the Uniswap governing body.

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