Binance Rolls Out a New Anti Scam Program for P2P Platform Users

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Binance has launched an Anti-Scam Ninja program for all users of its P2P platform. Customers who report suspicious behavior on the market can receive a $5 voucher for each confirmed fraud.

To participate, a user needs to submit a report in English about potential scam activities they witnessed on Binance P2P through the Binance Survey form with evidence, including their email address and User ID.

After processing within 28 business days, the top three Super Ninjas who have the most verified reports will receive an additional $50 USDT voucher.

The Anti-Scam Ninja program will run from September 14 to November 13. It is important to note that Binance has prohibited Russian citizens from conducting transactions through the P2P platform with currencies other than the ruble.

Types of P2P scams to watch out for include fake customer service representatives, fake receipts, fake emails/SMS, and triangle scams.

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