New Investors Will Enter Bitcoin After Spot ETFs Launch: Report

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According to analysis from Coinbase, the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs will create opportunities for new groups of investors to enter the digital currency market.

The report states that there is a large amount of capital waiting for the launch of a new tool in the United States, which will serve as a main channel for their involvement in the crypto world.

Coinbase anticipates that pension funds, asset managers, and investment advisors will begin investing in BTC as they currently do not have legal means to purchase the digital currency.

David Duong, head of the company’s research division, emphasized that with the help of ETFs, institutions will have the ability to buy and store Bitcoin, which will greatly improve the liquidity of the market.

The company also highlighted the increasing interest in BTC during times of global economic and political instability.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is causing significant changes in the global financial system, and major capital is preparing to invest in it in order to lead this transformation.

Recently, MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor stated that the value of Bitcoin will double following the launch of a spot crypto ETF on the US stock market.

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