Users Are Showing Little Interest in Ethereum Smart Accounts: Expert

Reading Time: < 1 minute

According to John Rising, co-founder of Stackup, smart accounts that support ERC-4337 are facing a decrease in the number of users and transaction activity.

This is a sobering fact. ERC-4337 has introduced the concept of account abstraction (ACA), which can enhance the capabilities and security of smart accounts by configuring them in a specific way.

Statistics from the BundleBear platform, operated by Rising, show that only 6.89% of smart accounts created six months ago are currently active.

Rising also pointed out the unprofitability of packers, the main infrastructure components that enable ALM profiles to function on EVM-compatible networks.

Some projects have accidentally overpaid for these services, according to Rising.

On average, a smart account only has five user transactions, which could include regular transactions and side activities. In total, those who manage the commissions earned $558,294. However, most of this money is split among three providers, including Stackup.

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