Peter Schiff Regrets Not Buying Bitcoin

Reading Time: < 1 minute

In late January, investor Peter Schiff indicated that Bitcoin had reached a record high of $10 million for the first time. However, Schiff reiterated his belief that the cryptocurrency will eventually become worthless in the long run.

He predicts that it will take until 2031 for BTC to reach the $10 million mark. Just this week, Schiff expressed his regret for not purchasing BTC back in 2010.

However, he remains skeptical about the benefits of Bitcoin technology and believes he could have made a profit from its rise.

Schiff first learned about digital currency nearly 14 years ago and recalls hearing discussions about BTC being the equivalent of digital gold.

He now acknowledges that if he had followed the advice of experts and forecasters, he would have made a substantial profit by now.

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