Binance Asks Nigeria Not to Prosecute its Vice President for Global Intelligence and Investigations

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Binance has requested Nigerian authorities to refrain from prosecuting Tigran Gambaryan, the Vice President for Global Intelligence and Investigations, on behalf of their company.

The representatives of Binance stated that Gambaryan, who has been detained, does not hold any decision-making authority within the company.

In response, Binance is currently negotiating with the Nigerian government. Binance also highlighted Gambaryan’s extensive experience as a former special agent with the US IRS and his involvement in investigations related to the Silk Road darknet marketplace, BTC-e, and Mt. Gox.

Gambaryan joined the Binance team in September 2021 and has since helped the exchange collaborate with law enforcement agencies around the world, resulting in the freezing and confiscation of over $2.2 billion in assets in 2022 and 2023.

Gambaryan has also assisted in responding to over 600 requests for information from Nigerian authorities and provided valuable information that aided in solving various crimes, including money laundering and kidnapping.

As part of his role, Gambaryan is responsible for ensuring proper governance and transparent practices in regulating financial activities, but he is not involved in Binance’s management.

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