The Highly Anticipated Carbon Social Platform Has Launched

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PRESS RELEASE. The highly anticipated new crypto friendly social platform, Carbon, has launched.

Carbon has been in beta stage since March, undergoing thorough testing, improvements and added features and gaining over 12,000 beta testers.

Offering an emphasis on free speech as well as great security and privacy, Carbon includes an end-to-end encrypted messenger, integrated crypto portfolio tracker, Twitter style social feed, Reddit style topics and much more.

Influencers have begun to migrate to Carbon as their platform of choice and many are expected to follow. Carbon offers generous crypto rewards for the best content creators, as well as tipping, so it’s little wonder it looks set to become an attractive platform for monetising user influence.

The Carbon team is based in Western Australia and highly experienced in designing and launching apps and games.

Carbon co-founder Daniel Abela says:

“We really wanted to create a platform that brought the fun back into social media. We’ve added features to make Carbon a great place to hang out, and we’re encouraging positive interactions between users in various ways. Most of all, we’ve made every effort to give Carbon users full control over their experience. There are no sneaky algorithms shaping your content, or guessing what you want to see. You decide who to follow, which topics, you can sort by most reactions, specific reactions and more. Every user is shown identical content if they choose identical settings. No tracking or spying on your activity.”

Carbon looks set to become very popular among crypto users and non-crypto users alike, bringing the best of many other platforms into one place and adding layers of security and anonymity as well. Users are also rewarded with points, levels and badges for their progress.

The Carbon Android mobile app is available from the Google Play Store, and the website app works beautifully on all devices. MetaMask connection is required for using CRBN tokens on the platform.

Join Carbon now at and discover the best new social platform for yourself.