Hashed Launches Startup Studio UNOPND to Support Innovative Metaverse and NFT Ideas

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Seoul, South Korea, October 5, 2021: UNOPND, a new blockchain company powered by Hashed , is launching to support and study new innovative use cases of blockchain technology for Metaverse and NFT applications.

UNOPND is a studio for creative projects, whose primary activity is exploring and experimenting with new ideas to apply blockchain in gaming and collectible NFTs. UNOPND aims to support innovative projects with the full breadth of expertise of its founders and the leadership members of Hashed.

In particular, UNOPND will tap ideas that appeal to the wider masses who may not necessarily be deeply involved in cryptocurrency. The concept of the metaverse and provable ownership, while still raw and nascent, holds immense promise in revolutionizing the way users consume entertainment. This opens up a much wider addressable market for blockchain than financial applications alone.

UNOPND will provide all the necessary support to allow builders to focus on building, utilizing their networks to help with PR, team building and community engagement, as well as strategic counseling through market insights, business network access and fundraising support coming from the Hashed side.

The studio is currently supporting multiple projects, while also researching all forms of possible NFT applications. It is currently considering multiple L1 networks to build projects on top of, including but not limited to Ethereum and Terra.

UNOPND will build an ecosystem of creators and users, and provide innovative services that unveil the value of blockchain”, said Chan Lee, CEO of UNOPND. “We have witnessed that many blockchain-based games and social services are getting popular in recent years. We want to focus on the market’s demand, especially the communities, to find the most attractive products.”

Hashed is excited to be leading efforts into making blockchain mainstream,” said Simon Kim, Co-founder and CEO of Hashed. “Financial application of blockchain is one of many fields we are exploring at the moment, and we find it ripe to lend our support for teams and founders willing to explore blockchain’s full potential in other creative ways through UNOPND.”


UNOPND  (“Unopened”) is a research and startup studio powered by Hashed. Focusing on exciting areas of Metaverse and NFTs, the company aims to support various startups wishing to bring blockchain to a new addressable market unlocked by recent strides in metaverse gaming. Utilizing the network and expertise of Hashed, UNOPND will be instrumental in carrying blockchain adoption forward.

About Hashed:

Hashed is an investment firm that focuses on blockchain. The firm’s focus is contributing to a decentralized future through investment, community building, and support. Hashed works to enable their portfolio companies to penetrate the global market seamlessly, and bootstrap their communities as well as the startup-building process. As an early investor to Kakao’s Klaytn and Line’s LINK, Hashed has invested early in many successful blockchain projects of Asia tech giants. The firm also runs ‘Hashed Lounge’ as a co-working and offline meet-up space for early blockchain projects.


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