Qtum Foundation to Plant 100,000 Trees with Binance Charity to Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Singapore, Singapore, 26th April, 2022,

The Qtum  Chain Foundation announced that they are partnering with Binance Charity to take part in the “Tree Millions” initiative, which aims to plant 10 million trees worldwide. To that end, Qtum Chain Foundation has donated $100,000 USD to Binance Charity towards planting 100,000 trees.

Qtum Going Green

Qtum aims to become a completely climate-neutral protocol. The project can achieve this by planting trees to offset the emissions caused by the electricity needed to run Qtum nodes. The Qtum network’s thousands of nodes can be run on devices that consume as little as 10 watts, but a good estimate to go with is 60 watts per node to account for other devices on the network. Qtum estimates that 100,000 planted trees will eventually offset all of the emissions caused since the main network was launched in late 2017, and possibly more.

“This is a very important initiative for us, and we are proud that we are getting the opportunity to do this with Binance Charity,” said Qtum co-founder Patrick Dai. “Not only does planting 100,000 trees negate our protocol’s carbon footprint, but it’s also a cool initiative towards a greener and a cleaner future.”

“We’re celebrating April as Earth Month so this timely partnership acts as a reminder to double down on commitments to building a cleaner, healthier planet. Forests are a lifeline to 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial animals and plants, and 1.6 billion people rely on them for their livelihoods. Binance Charity thanks the Qtum team for their commitment to helping vital reforestation efforts and we’re thrilled to see our ambition of 10 million trees planted worldwide come one step closer.” comments Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity.

Qtum is also a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the CCA signatories aim to focus on the complete decarbonization of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. A goal that Qtum will achieve before the earliest-set goals by the accord.


About Binance Charity

Binance Charity aims to transfer philanthropy by developing a 100% transparent donation platform based on blockchain to build a future where technology innovation is used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind. To date, Binance Charity has supported over 1 million end beneficiaries through various projects.

For more information, visit: https://www.binance.charity/

About Qtum

Qtum (pronounced Quantum) is an independent blockchain that combines the best parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The decentralized and public ecosystem runs using an environmentally-friendly proof-of-stake algorithm. Qtum provides a scalable, EVM-compatible smart contract platform on a UTXO-enabled blockchain.

For more information, visit: https://qtum.org/


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