Priority Token is Undergoing a Full Brand Relaunch – It will Now be Officially Operational as Ptoken

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The rebranding comprises of

– Brand name: Ptoken

– Logo: Attached with post

Our rebranding reflects our future vision and the evolution of our company. With this rebranding, Ptoken is focusing not only on fundraising but will also provide:

– Direct seed investment 

– A new suite of services for crypto investors 

– Marketing & PR

– White paper consulting and development services

– Token economy and design services

A look back at how it all started:

Priority Token started back in 2017 in London with the aim to put in our best to help blockchain startups make their mark in the industry and since that time expanded to Zurich/Zug, Frankfurt, Seoul, Dubai, and Melbourne

We worked with multiple global startups and some of them are now among the top 100 Coinmarketcap listed crypto projects and raised hundreds of millions as investments.

Through our tireless efforts, we gained our very own investor network with people from all over the world including Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. and are now also actively involved in our own investments.

Why Ptoken? 

We are living in an age where not only our daily routines depend on how we represent ourselves but our lives too. For fundraising, through token sales, we provide various opportunities including STOs, DeFi, NFTs, IDOs and ICOs.

High-quality services along with security and reliability are a great concern and we take utmost care to develop reliable and secure solutions for our clients.

Ptoken’s new branding will enable us to make a stronger appearance in the blockchain and tech ecosystem and stand out while helping startups and developed companies in achieving their goals and make a global impact.

Our CEO Victor Larionov commented upon this rebranding and said:

“Ptoken team is committed to playing a role in the development of innovative technological products. Our rebranding is focused on the further extension of our services for crypto investors as well as direct seed investment from our side and it will be used as a key driver. We extend our sincerest appreciation to our clients, partners and stakeholders for the continued support and patronage.”

About Ptoken:

Ptoken helps startups to raise funds for crypto and blockchain projects globally and to make their promotion efficient by creating a global network for enhanced branding. 

We have consulted 120+ projects in the tech and blockchain field while raising $600M with 5+ years of experience on the market and 350+ partner VCs network.

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