75% of US Citizens Are Interested in Cryptos: Paxos Poll

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A survey conducted by Paxos in January 2023 found that 75% of respondents believe in digital assets to some degree, despite the FTX crash.

This survey included 5,000 adults with a family income of more than $50,000, who had purchased cryptocurrencies in the past three years.

Additionally, 38% of respondents stated that they would prefer to receive crypto assets as a reward through a credit card or loyalty program, while 34% saw them as a means of transferring money to friends and family. Furthermore, the survey showed that 72% of respondents were either “a little concerned or not at all concerned” with digital asset market volatility in 2023, and 52% were still interested in crypto investments.

In comparison, a February 2023 survey by Morning Consult and Coinbase revealed that 20% of US adults (more than 50 million people) owned crypto assets.

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