The France Football Federation Allows Issuance of NFTs of its Players

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Blockchain-based fantasy soccer game┬áSorare has teamed up with the France Football Federation (FFF) to issue non-fungible tokens of the players of France’s national team in the context of the Euro 2020 championship.

As a result, the players of French national team as well a their sports statistics will be tokenized into non-fungible tokens, which users will be able to trade in fantasy games.

According to the announcement shared by Sorare, players including Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and Hugo Lloris will be tokenized as digital cards for the 2020 season. Their real statistics will be recorded on the blockchain, meaning that the value and rarity of the cards will change as the Euro 2020 advances.

The FFF is the first national football association to allow the issuance of NFTs of its players, however, Sorare claims it is in talks with other associations to also issue digital collectives of their players.

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