US Congress Announces Date of Voting on Infrastructure Plan

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Nancy Pelosi, a speaker of the US House of Representatives, has set the final vote on the infrastructure bill for Thursday, September 30, and has expressed confidence in its passage, Reuters has reported.

According to her, the debate on the document will start on Monday, September 27.

On August 10, the US Senate voted in favor of a bipartisan plan that would provide $1 trillion to build roads, bridges, school airports and other facilities. The bill involves raising additional funding ($28 billion) in taxes from crypto-related operations.

The document has been criticized in the crypto community for an expanded definition of “broker” that includes virtually all actors in the crypto sector. According to its regulations, miners and node operators, wallet developers, liquidity providers in DeFi protocols as well as other non-custodial players can be required to report to the tax authorities on user transactions.

During the discussion of the bill, Democratic Senators Ron Wyden, Cynthia Lummis and Pat Toomey proposed to exclude these activities from the document and not apply the rules applicable to brokers to them.

In addition, Republican Rob Portman agreed with them, but put forward a counter-amendment that excludes only miners and sellers of hardware or software that allows individuals to control private keys.

On August 9, bipartisan officials and the Treasury Department reached a compromise, but the amendment did not receive the necessary unanimous support. The bill went to the lower house of Congress in its original form.

The House of Representatives called for changes to the document. On August 24, congressmen voted in favor of the bill without any amendments.

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