Racing Team Red Bull Racing Honda Releases NFT Collection

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Formula 1 racing team Red Bull Racing Honda has released its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in partnership with blockchain platform Tezos.

The series of 10,000 digital collectibles specially dedicated to the Mexican Grand Prix will be launched between November 5-7.

The tokens are digital copies of the car and jumpsuit of Mexican team driver Sergio “Checo” PĂ©rez. The design of the driver’s uniform and helmet has been specially made for his home race.

The first NFT release from Red Bull Racing Honda is available through the marketplace Sweet, which is powered by the Tezos blockchain.

The team has announced new collections of unique digital assets in the near future.

The team CEO Christian Horner said:

“For Red Bull Racing Honda, innovation and technology have always been at the forefront of activities, including off the track. Our first release of digital collectibles will continue with partners like Tezos.”

Honda announced a partnership with Tezos for the release of NFTs in Red Bull Racing in May 2021.

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