Ethereum Mixer Tornado Cash Allows Sending Arbitrary Amounts of ETH

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Ethereum mixer Tornado Cash team has deployed the Nova pool, which allows users to deposit and withdraw arbitrary amounts of ETH, representatives of the project report.

Previously, users could only deposit predefined amounts.

Nova also provides the ability to make “shielded transfers” of deposited tokens without taking them out of the pool. These are transfers between addresses that are used for authorization in the dApp. Their registration takes place along with the first deposit.

Since Nova is in beta version, user deposits are capped at 1 ETH. Subsequently, if the community decides to expand the [1 – acid] limit, the amount could be increased.

The new pool uses the xDai sidechain to transfer funds. The developers say that it was chosen because of the ability to quickly transfer assets to the main Ethereum network (a few minutes versus three hours for Polygon).

To prevent a spam attack on the bridge contract, the minimum withdrawal amount was limited to 0.05 ETH.

The Nova smart contract was audited by Zeropool specialists.

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