Chinese IT Company Baidu to Spend 6 Years Building the Metaverse

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Chinese tech giant Baidu might take six years to build a metaverse as part of the XiRang project, the CNBC reports with reference to the vice president of the company Ma Jie.

Baidu started working on the XiRang project late last year. On December 27, the company plans to host an annual developer conference in its virtual space.

According to Ma, at its current implementation level, the company’s metaverse can accommodate about 100,000 users at a time. He has stressed Baidu is committed to creating an open source platform – an infrastructure for the virtual world.

The company showed the XiRang to reporters on Tuesday. The CNBC has noted the platform is really far from perfect. In particular, the virtual space is slow to load and user avatars behave too unrealistic.

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