Pace of Installation of BTC ATMs Slows Down Since the Beginning of the Year

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According to Coin ATM Radar, last month was the fourth consecutive month of declining rates of crypto ATM installations in the world.

The data released by the company has shown that most devices appeared in August 2021, in particular, 2,037 units, against the backdrop of the upcoming legalization of Bitcoin in El Salvador as legal tender. At the moment, there are 204 crypto ATMs in the country.

In December last year, 1,969 ATMs were installed in the world, and since January, the indicator has started to decline: 1,687 new ATMs appeared this month. In February 970, in March 757 and in April 739.

There are currently 37,052 devices in the world.

The dominant installer is Genesis Coin, which holds 41.5% of the market. It is followed by General Bytes (21.6%), BitAccess (15.2%) and Coinsource (5.3%).

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