Mining Company Northern Data Increases Miner Fleet

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German mining company Northern Data mined 295 BTC in May, which is about 9% less than in April.

According to the press release, the drop in the generation of Bitcoin was due to temporary restrictions at one of the client hosting enterprises.

Regarding Ethereum mining, in May it amounted to 4,560 ETH and remained at the level of April.

Since the beginning of the year, the company has mined 1,553 BTC and 24,012 ETH in total.

The company’s cryptocurrency holdings reached approximately 1,360 BTC and 39,820 ETH at the end of May, with a total valuation of approximately €102 million.

At the end of May, the fleet of ASIC miners for Bitcoin mining increased by 4% to 46,000 units with a total hashrate of 4.23 EH/s.

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