Ankr Joins Forces with Polygon to Enhance Web3 Building Experience

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ankr, a company that has built out the largest global node network in the industry, has just teamed up with decentralized Ethereum scaling platform Polygon.

According to both parties, the aim of the cooperation is to enhance the building experience for Web3 developers with Polygon Supernets.

It is important to note that Supernets is EVM-compatible, interoperable, highly performant and customizable. With it, developers can have a custom decentralized network without maintaining a blockchain infrastructure.

Kev Silk, Ankr App Chain Manager, has said:

To drive Web3 mass adoption, we must provide consumers with a setter UX than Web2. Enhancing the UX is possible only by streamlining Web3 development, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Polygon Supernets and provide developers with the necessary infrastructure to build efficiently. Together, Ankr App chain Infra and Polygon Supernets can supercharge high-quality Web3 games, financial products, and other decentralized applications.”

Ankr and Polygon want to make the profess of building on Web3 faster, cheaper, and easier to build on Web3. To this end, Polygon Supernets allow developers to set up their own blockchain network.

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