Vitalik Buterin Releases New Ethereum Roadmap

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vitalik Buterin has recently published an updated roadmap for Ethereum development. According to it, the project intends to solve the “MEV problems” and fully integrate the zk-SNARK technology into the blockchain.

Buterin believes that the updated roadmap specifies the implementation steps for each phase of Ethereum’s development and emphasizes the role of quantum sustainability for the future of the blockchain.

The roadmap includes a new phase, The Scourge. As part of it, developers are going to “ensure reliable and fair inclusion in the blockchain of reliably neutral transactions, as well as solve MEV problems.”

Another change concerns the fourth phase, The Verge, which previously focused on the integration of the Verkle tree, which produces a proof-of-concept in the context of the entire dataset for the user who wants to verify its authenticity.

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