NFT Marketplace Blur Announces it is Unfreezing 196 Million Tokens

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Nearly 196 million BLUR tokens, worth ~$62 million, which constitute 6.5% of the total supply and 40% of the current market supply, were unlocked yesterday.

These tokens are divided among key developers (115.6 million), investors (75.4 million), and advisors (4.9 million).

In March 2022 and again in February 2023, the platform raised funding in amounts of $11 and $15-30 million, respectively, at a $1 billion valuation.

Additionally, in February 2023, there was an airdrop of BLUR. Large token holders have become active prior to the unlock, and some have already made considerable profits from the token trade.

Conversely, some token holders have chosen to sell their BLUR at a loss, with one wallet selling 101,796 BLUR at a 68% loss, and another liquidating 194,040 BLUR for a 51% loss.

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