Study: Gaming Industry is Ahead of DeFi and NFT Markets

Reading Time: < 1 minute

According to a new study from DappRadar, the gaming industry is leading the blockchain economy and is far ahead of the DeFi decentralized finance market and the NFT ecosystem.

Over 37% of blockchain applications (DApps) are games, and in the first quarter of 2023 this share increased to 45%.

Wallets active daily also went up by 8%. In contrast, the DeFi DApp market share expanded from 23% to 32%, despite the total value of digital assets locked in protocols dropping by around 7% to $77.6 billion.

NFTs, however, had the worst performance, with their turnover declining by almost 40% to $2.9 billion. Ethereum still holds the largest market share amongst blockchains at around 50%, though it decreased by 2% over the period.

Second and third are Binance Chain and Polygon networks respectively.

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