Evmos to Suspend Support for Cosmos Transactions for EVM Networks

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The team at Evmos is set to shift their focus from Cosmos transactions to solely EVM in order to increase development efficiency.

The main motivation behind this transition is to streamline processes by eliminating the need to support two different transaction formats.

This means that the core network will only interact with Ethereum-based wallets and tools. The team has set a goal to phase out support for Cosmos transactions by the third quarter of 2024.

Currently, the team faces compatibility issues with both clients as the protocol processes separate transaction hashes from two different blockchain ecosystems.

This incompatibility poses a challenge for EVM-based wallets, making it difficult for them to index Cosmos transactions and leading to a less smooth user experience.

By switching to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the team will need to maintain a smaller amount of infrastructure, freeing up resources for improving user experience and interoperability.

Despite the shift, Evmos will continue to support important Cosmos functionalities, such as staking and token transfers, through EVM extensions.

However, users with Cosmos wallets will need to upgrade to EVM-compatible clients.

Popular applications such as WalletConnect, Rabby, and MetaMask have already pledged to provide the necessary support for this transition.

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