T-Mobile Parent Company Deutsche Telekom to Mine Bitcoin

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Telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, owner of T-Mobile, may soon enter the world of Bitcoin mining.

Dirk Röder, Head of web3 infrastructure at T-Mobile’s Telekom MMS, shared this news at the recent BTC Prague conference.

When asked if T-Mobile was currently mining Bitcoin, Röder replied, “We will be.” This announcement comes at a time when the mining industry has seen significant ups and downs, including the 2021 bull market, the subsequent crypto winter, and the recent halving that decreased Bitcoin rewards by half.

Although Röder did not disclose details about the location or capacity of their mining operations, the involvement of a major corporation like Deutsche Telekom has both positive and potentially negative implications for the industry.

The company has been actively involved in the digital assets sector for several years, running validators on various networks such as Polygon, Q, Flow, Celo, Chainlink, and Ethereum.

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