CryptoTask Migrates to Tezos Blockchain

Reading Time: < 1 minute

CryptoTask, the largest decentralized freelance marketplace with over 35,000 users, a sign-up rate of 100 users daily and 100+ daily transactions, has announced it is moving from the Ethereum to the Tezos blockchain.

One of the reasons why the project has decided to migrate from Ethereum to Tezos is because Tezos offers lower gas fees, smarter smart contracts and a lower energy consumption.

Notably,  Ivan, Co-Founder of CryptoTask, said:

“It’s a memorable day that we have been waiting for months now. CryptoTask on Tezos will disrupt freelancing as we know it. The platform and our users will hugely benefit from the Tezos blockchain through low gas fees, smarter smart contracts, and low energy consumption. We can’t wait for our users to see and feel the change Tezos is bringing to our freelance marketplace.”

The project, which is continuously improving its products, believes the Tezos protocol will help it in its mission to offer a powerful freelance marketplace.

Thanks to the Tezos blockchain, CryptoTask will be able to improve its automated instant payout settlement, P2P job matching, FIAT on-ramps and opening accessible digital wallets.

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