Arker Completes Seed and Private Rounds Following its Incubation by Everse and Unicrypt

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Tallinn, Estonia, December, 8 2021: Arker: The legend of Ohm, is thrilled to announce that it has closed its seed and private round, which managed to raise a total of 2.4 million led by Everse Capital. Meanwhile, its IDO will take place on December 10 on Unicrypt.

Partners who participated in the SLSeed round included Spark Capital, Basics, Avstar, Cinchblock, Dextools, Exnetwork, IBA, M6, Magnus, Maven, Nexo, X21, Unicrypt, Raptor, Unlock, Venus, Tranquility investment group and GGG.

Arker ($ARKER) will be available on BurningDrop from 10:00:00 on December 3, 2021 (UTC). Users can mine ARKER by staking USDT/KCS/ETH assets.

Arker BurningDrop Details

The BurningDrop will commence on December 3. To participate, you should register on KuCoin to join the activity. In addition, you can either choose to participate via KuCoin’s website or app. The ARKER price during issuing will be at 0.01 USDT. The total amount of ARKER available for the BurningDrop is set at 20,000,000.

Since you can burn $POL on the platform to earn ARKER rewards, the rewards will decrease as the number of POL burnt increases. However, to test available acceleration computing power, you can enter the number of burned POL. Meanwhile, we advise that you burn rationally.

20% of the ARKER rewards will be distributed before ARKER trading starts in the KuCoin Spot Market. The remaining 80% will be distributed in 20% batches every month after 1 month from the 1st distribution. Also, note that participation is voluntary, and no influence shall be subjected to any user. Users from Mainland China are ineligible to participate in the event.

Join Arker to Play to Earn

Arker is an NFT, play-to-earn game, which allows users to earn crypto and trade them for actual money. To fight for the city of Ohm, players must recruit heroes of different classes. As a result, they increase the loot of Arker, a mineral of great value. In-game players can earn cryptocurrency as well as have fun.

Fighting against another player allows you to earn tokens, which you can exchange for items. On the other hand, playing PVE enables you to earn rewards for items. You can trade the products in the marketplace. You can also win by competing in the guild war, holding special events, and performing daily missions.

NFTs are sold for profit, depending on the rules of the game. While still owning their assets, you can also accumulate NFT’s until they yield crypto rewards from the game. Arker plans on revolutionizing crypto gaming by adding content for professional players.

Arker will have two tokens listed on Binance Smart Chain as BEP-20. The first token, FoA, is used as in-game currency. It represents rewards, items, and more. When a player makes an in-game purchase with FoA, 85% of the value goes to the game pool. The platform then burns the remaining 15%.

The second token is ARKER, which will be used for DAO. Every TX has an integrated fee of 5%. The firm keeps 12.5% for marketing, 12.5% for development, while 75% goes to liquidity.

About Arker

Arker: The Legend of Ohm, is the first free multiplayer online strategy game to award digital assets to its participants. Start with the game itself if you want to comprehend Arker. Playing it will help you realize it is worth as a game.

Arker will create a 3D/VR Metaverse that will integrate all the 2D features, including NFTs, in an open world. Lastly, the game aims to provide users with an immersive experience through its unique lore.

Arker may be downloaded for Android and iOS via the official app store. You can learn more about the game on their social media below:

  • Juan José Chust Cabedo
  • Arker Labs ÖU