3Space Art Announces the Launch of its Groundbreaking NFT Platform

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Singapore, Singapore, December 7, 2021: 3Space Art is thrilled to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking NFT platform that facilitates widespread use of digital art in the real world by placing it in physical spaces. It gives artists and collectors the opportunity to showcase their collections not just online but also in offline events and exhibitions.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have witnessed a strong growth in demand in the last couple of years. New creators are entering the digital art space with an unprecedented number of unique works. However, the general population is more familiar with the physical displays of artwork than digitized art. The digital art market is restricted to online communities.

By using appropriate channels to display art ‘physically’ and by organizing events and exhibitions, 3Space Art acts as a bridge delivering digital art and NFTs to the real world.

3Space Art co-founder Yoon Kim said:

“The NFT trend has given opportunity and hope for artists; and a new wave of creativity and expression has entered the scene. Our goal is to not waste these beautiful creations and allow more people to see it in their daily lives – during commute, during work – so that they too can experience the change.”

The platform has three main components: The marketplace, the Art Pool, and the offline exhibitions.

NFT Marketplace

It’s 3Space Art’s primary market where artists and vendors can sell digital art to a curated collector base using fiat or cryptocurrencies. The platform assists emerging artists with onboarding, NFT minting, and marketing.

Art Pool

A protocol for artists and collectors to showcase their art at offline locations by depositing their NFTs in a smart contract pool. When they stake their NFTs into the pool, artists and collectors give 3Space Art the exhibition rights so it could display the artwork in online and offline events. Showcasing at offline exhibitions helps artists find new buyers. At the same time, 100% of commercial proceeds and rewards are distributed among the participating artists and collectors.

Offline Exhibitions

Just like physical art, NFTs have become a popular decoration with emotional appeal. 3Space Art works with galleries, departments, and corporate offices to stream digital art from the Art Pool to the NFT display frames in their homes and offices on a monthly subscription basis. It counts among its clients art collectors and corporations looking to create a “culture complex” in offline locations.

About 3Space Art

3Space Art is a digital art platform where artists and collectors have the opportunity to showcase their collections in offline events and exhibitions, and earn recurring revenue by staking their idle NFTs in the Art Pool. Built to be a multi-chain platform, it enables users to mint NFTs on Klaytn as well as Ethereum blockchains at this point.

For more information, visit: https://3space.art/home

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