TDX Strategies Raises US$2.5 Million in Series A Strategic Financing Round Led by Transcend Capital Partners

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Hong Kong, PRC, 5th January, 2022, Chainwire

TDX Strategies has today announced the closing of a Series A funding round led by Transcend Capital Partners. Gobi Partners, Baboon VC, Double Peak Group as well as numerous individual strategic investors also participated in this round. Existing investors include Alameda Ventures and IWM Ventures. This new financing will fuel TDX Strategies’ development of innovative investment solutions on digital assets and broaden its geographical reach for product distribution. 

As a leading institutional derivatives platform on digital assets, TDX Strategies has witnessed widespread adoption by diverse client segments including hedge funds, corporates, family offices and high net worth clients which has culminated in significant growth in transaction volumes with a 1,200% increase in the value of derivatives traded on the platform versus a year ago. The company expects the pace of growth to continue to accelerate. 

“TDX has been on an incredible journey, helping clients grow their digital asset investments with the use of derivatives since 2019 and we are just scratching the surface. Digital assets have become an integral part of a well-diversified portfolio while institutional and mainstream adoption gathers momentum. We are excited to welcome our new investors and their unique combination of knowledge, expertise and strategic support which will play a significant part in underpinning the next phase of growth for the company.” Dick Lo, Founder and CEO of TDX Strategies elaborated. “We will invest significantly into product innovation and technology with a product roadmap that is resolutely focused on generating optimised risk-adjusted returns for clients via smarter ways to access this fast-evolving market”. 

Winnie Leung, Managing Partner, Transcend Capital Partners, said: “TDX’s track record since inception has demonstrated the redible work TDX has contributed to fronting the growth of structured products in the digital asset space. There are few teams who can position themselves as solidly for the opportunity as the team at TDX, whose decades of combined experience covering derivatives and exotic products at leading investment banks inform the highly disciplined risk management approach they take to managing the products they offer. At Transcend Capital Partners, we believe in the disruptive power of new demand and diverse leadership. With that, we are truly excited to be supporting TDX as they make significant headways for the digital asset investment ecosystem.” 

Bohan Zheng, Investment Manager, Gobi Partners, said: “TDX has established itself as a segment leader with its cutting-edge products, talented team, and trustworthy reputation. We’re excited to be working with TDX as their innovative cryptocurrency-based structured products leads the new age of digital assets investing for institutional investors.” 

Alex Cheung, Founding Partner, Baboon VC, further commented: “We are extremely pleased to be participating in TDX’s Series A. Dick and his team have an exceptional professional track record and remarkable expertise in designing and executing investment products and strategies, synergising their extensive experience in traditional markets with their investment nous on digital assets. We have immense faith in the team and look forward to not only participating, but also playing a meaningful role in the future growth of the TDX platform.”  

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TDX Strategies is an institutional-grade investment solutions platform providing a suite of cutting-edge products on digital assets, servicing funds, corporates, family offices, high net worth clients and professional traders. 

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