Jelurida and Blockchain Ecosystem IGNIS Announce Partnership with Ticino Blockchain Technologies

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Jelurida, a software company that develops and maintains the Ardor and Nxt blockchains, has recently announced it has entered into a partnership with Lugano-based Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association [TBTA], which combines blockchain and crypto organizations based in Lugano, Switzerland, and connects them to universities as a resource hub for private and public projects.

As past of the deal, Jelurida has become a gold member of TBTA, joining this way other entities like MOOV Airways AG, Interchain Stiftung, EventBoost SA, Elly,, Poseidon Group, etc.

According to the press release, a new audience of future builders, individuals pursuing industry careers, and innovators will be able to leverage Jelurida’s developments and expertise.

Giacomo Poretti, president of TBTA, has commented on the deal:

“It’s good to see how innovative our partners are in supporting and scaling blockchain projects. Thank you Jelurida for your insightful presentation at our first Think Tank of 2022. We look forward to the next developments and project collaborations between you and our partners.”

Tomislav Gountchev, Jelurida Lead Software Architect & Director, has said on the partnership:

“Jelurida is happy to join the TBTA and contribute to the success of Lugano Plan B. We are excited about being able to establish Ticino as the blockchain innovation hub in Switzerland in collaboration with the local universities, research centers, and other enterprises.”

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